Aloha! Like many of you, 2020 brought big changes for our family. In response to those changes, we temporarily relocated to Hawaii for some much needed family time. Being together, just the eight of us, for five months, allowed us to value the outcome of a practice we started years earlier, a practice we call family bond journaling.

While moving to Hawaii may not be possible or practical for your family, family bond journaling is possible for any family--and the results of doing it can be magical no matter where you live!

Flint Family Photo You see, family bond journaling is life-changing. In fact, it was while in Hawaii that we had the idea to help other families experience unforgettable moments like we were having. We created this workbook for that very purpose. We want you to be able to have the open, honest conversations that lead to loving and trusting relationships that we’ve experienced because of following this plan. We want your children to feel like they can talk to you about anything--the way we believe ours have been able to with us. And most of all, we want you to step into the beautiful life that family can be together--because we have experienced that beautiful life for ourselves!

This workbook is intended to be used for what we call a “one-on-two date.” While we understand that not every family is the same--and you may not have the option of having two loving parents with one child--we believe this is an important practice that can benefit your relationship with your child, regardless. It doesn't have to be “one-on-two”; it can be whatever makes sense and is right for your child, family, and situation. A “one-on-one” is opportune here for all you single parents who are trying your best to hold everything together. The goal is to have focused, quality time with your child while improving your bond, connection and relationship.

Hoping your journey brings much joy and love,

The Flint Family